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Email Marketing


Email Marketing is considered as a practice of sending business messages to a group of individuals, using an email platform. In general, such emails may contain promotional materials such as flyers, product brochures, ask for business, deals, discount offerings, and gifts/offers to accept requests. The primary objective is to construct trust, reliability and brand awareness.

The showcasing messages of email marketing can be sent to a fresh list of leads generated or to existing clients from a database. The companies creating the email campaign focus on achieving business targets, empowering the client dedication, gaining new clients as well as pursuing the clients to order, upgrade or buy something.

Email Marketing is a common practice followed nowadays for advertising when it comes to achieving an intended goal within core interest groups and Namastetu Technologies provides seamless email marketing services to cater all your email needs.

Namastetu Technologies has a highly talented, skilled and experienced group of professionals with vast years of experience in email marketing campaigns. We employ the latest methodologies, newest trends and sophisticated technologies with a result oriented and quality driven approach.

Advantages of Email Marketing Campaigns at Namastetu Technologies:

 Low Cost Campaigns:

With Namastetu Technologies, email promotion campaign execution is affordable and simple. Our email campaign executives have to follow a set of standard procedures involving minimal time and the emails instantly get shared with a large number of clients. Also, there are no additional costs, which includes printing costs, physical shipment etc.

  Complete Tracking of Campaign:

One can completely track the email marketing campaign to know who has read the email, clicked or accessed the attachments. By this, one can understand the campaign performance and thus make any changes aimed at designing effective campaigns.

 Short execution duration with maximum outreach:

The important feature of an email campaign is that it takes very little time in drafting and sending emails to mass audience. The email can be shared with a large number of leads and clients, almost instantly. Thus, email marketing is one of the extremely efficient tools available for marketing activities.

Key Features of Email Marketing Campaigns at Namastetu Technologies:

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