Freebie Marketing

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Freebie Marketing

Freebie marketing is any promotion, low price product, or giveaway that encourages the sale of another higher value product. The freebie marketing strategy is the idea to ​​offer a gift with the purchase in order to raise consumer awareness and maximize sales. Companies can choose to offer a product at a very heavy discount or offer it for free. This technique  is developed through complementary products.

The best and most common example of freebie marketing is when you buy a mobile phone, you can get some accessories for free. Mobile phone companies can advertise their free product promotions to get potential customers to buy the main product  (in this case, mobile phones). A freebie marketing strategy is similar to providing free samples, but this is not the case. It necessarily means additional products. It is believed that it started with Gillette, who created a market for its blades by selling razors at very low prices.

How to make the best Freebie strategy?

You must be now thinking about what freebie to give , but don’t be as we are here for you to sort out your confusions. 

Benefits of freebie marketing 

Outcomes of freebie marketing 

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